Technology enables innovation


Innovation is the first driving force for development. Among the objectives of building "six Jiangxi" in an all-round way, building and innovating Jiangxi in an all-round way is the first.
Practical work is the first and implementation is the most important. In 2021, Jiangxi's pace of innovation will be forceful and forceful, and it will hand over a brilliant report card: outstanding achievements in promoting independent innovation and developing high-tech industries, and it will be commended by the State Council for supervision and incentive; China Engineering Science and Technology Development Strategy Jiangxi Research Institute, Jiangxi Aviation Research Institute and other major innovation platforms were established; The list of the first batch of key technologies and enterprises' needs was released and successfully connected; Renewal of the three-year framework agreement for the pilot demonstration of "03 Special" achievements transfer and transformation
Innovation in Jiangxi will never stop. At the provincial two sessions, "Zhilian Jiangxi", digital economy, innovation "national team" and other hot topics were discussed by the deputies. Everyone said that Jiangxi's development is currently at a critical stage of accumulation, development, transformation and upgrading. New and practical measures should be taken to stimulate the vitality of innovation and development, continue to enhance the driving force of scientific and technological innovation, and strive to make scientific and technological innovation the key variable the largest increment, so as to boost the comprehensive construction and innovation of Jiangxi.
Let innovation stir up the "smart manufacturing" future
"Play the strongest voice of building an innovative Jiangxi and a strong industrial province". This sentence in the government work report made Wu Shiwei, a member of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and chairman of Fuzhou Shuangling Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd., excited.
"Industry is the short board of Jiangxi's development and also the potential of Jiangxi's development. To achieve high-quality leapfrog development, we must vigorously attack industry, and the realization of the 'dual carbon' goal has become an unavoidable topic." How to achieve high-quality industrial development in the context of "dual carbon"? Wu Shiwei said that we should scientifically plan our province's leading industries, seize the commanding heights of the industry, and promote the technological upgrading of traditional industries. To attract investment based on the whole industry chain, the downstream must aim at leading enterprises, and the upstream must aim at specialized and new enterprises, striving to introduce an enterprise and bring an industry.
On January 17, at the joint group meeting of the fifth session of the 12th CPPCC Provincial Committee, around the theme of "enhancing the driving force of scientific and technological innovation, and building an innovative Jiangxi in an all-round way", members expressed their own views, and offered good strategies and suggestions one after another.
Innovation is productivity. Enterprises rely on it to be strong and countries rely on it to be prosperous.
As an entrepreneur who has been working in the field of science and technology for a long time, you Jianping, member of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and chairman of Sichuan Sichuang Digital Technology Co., Ltd., proposed to vigorously develop the information and innovation industry and create a new driving force for Jiangxi's economic development; Strengthen the foundation of information and innovation industry and build the core competitiveness of the industry; Support local leading enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and promote the healthy development of the information and innovation industry.
Enterprises are the main body of innovation. Li Shuying, member of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and director of Nanchang Science and Technology Bureau, took Shenzhen as an example to talk about innovative development To this end, Li Shuying proposed to establish a cascade cultivation mechanism of "technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises - high-tech enterprises - benchmarking high-tech enterprises", and increase the cultivation of unicorn enterprises and gazelle enterprises. Support and encourage qualified enterprises to establish R&D institutions independently or cooperatively with colleges and universities. Actively establish and improve the system and mechanism of cultivating entrepreneurial innovation spirit in our province, and effectively strengthen the innovation consciousness of enterprises.
Accelerate the concentration of innovation factors in Jiangxi
Whoever catches the innovation will catch the "bull's nose" that affects the overall economic and social development. However, to a certain extent, innovation is bred in the science and innovation ecology and depends on the necessary innovation density.
What is the innovation density? Li Xinhai, a deputy to the Provincial People's Congress and chairman of Jiangxi Hezong Lithium Technology Co., Ltd., explained with his own experience. "Yichun has rich lithium resources, but has never taken advantage of it." As time goes by, after successfully incubating the industrialization technology of extracting battery grade lithium carbonate from lithium mica, Li Xinhai realized that there were more enterprises with "lithium" in Yichun.
"From 'having mines at home' to 'having lithium all over the world', from a 'desert' of lithium battery industry to the arrival of domestic industry giants such as Guoxuan Hi Tech and Ningde Times, the single investment volume of Yichun lithium battery industry projects has been continuously refreshed." In Li Xinhai's view, this is a development process in which the lithium battery industry continues to gather. Innovative elements such as technology, capital and talents gradually converge in Yichun, "quantitative change eventually accumulates to qualitative change".
The government work report puts forward that scientific and technological innovation is the key to "stabilizing, improving and optimizing".
"The key way to achieve high-quality leapfrog development is also to enable scientific and technological innovation." For Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City, where the development space is limited and the population dividend is fully released, Lian Tianlang, the representative of the provincial people's congress and the secretary of the Zhanggong District Party Committee, showed his "methodology": strengthen the construction of innovation platforms, build Ganzhou Medical Health Industrial Park and Jiangxi Information Security Industrial Park, arrange the innovation chain around the industrial chain, give full play to the role of the government, enterprises and universities, and drive social R&D investment of 1.2 billion yuan; Stimulate enterprises to release the main role of innovation, accelerate the gathering of innovation elements, and stimulate high-quality development vitality.
Let the waves of innovation and development surge forward
Vitality is the most important thing for a person, and talent is the most important thing for a country.
The government work report pointed out that Jiangxi should strive to become an important first choice for the world's talents.
At the 2021 Jiangxi Think Tank Summit and the event of industrial technology and high-end talents entering Jiangxi in national universities and institutes, 30 major technical needs were released in the form of "unveiling and leading". The technical field involved electronic information, new energy, etc., with an amount of more than 410 million yuan, and "hero posts" were widely distributed to the scientific and technological circles including the universities and institutes. "Let talents make Jiangxi, and let Jiangxi make talents." Wan Ling, a member of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of Statistics, suggested that we vigorously promote such key research models as "unveiling the list and taking the lead", "horse racing system", and innovative consortia to "compete" the truly capable talent team and the best technical route. We will further increase the proportion of young talents who are responsible for major scientific and technological tasks, major platform bases, and major research projects, and steadily support young people with significant innovation potential in the long run.
"At present, there is a big gap between the total amount and structure of scientific and technological talents in our province and the actual development needs. There is a shortage of high-level talents and high-tech R&D talents, and we are faced with the dual pressure of urgently introducing talents and preventing brain drain." Lu Quanguo, member of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and president of the Mechanical Engineering School of Nanchang University of Engineering, suggested establishing and improving the policy of two-way flow of talents in the province to promote the continuous gathering of high-end talents and R&D teams in key industries in our province; Strengthen the proportion of the impact and value of scientific and technological innovation achievements in talent assessment, weaken the establishment and identity management, establish a clear dual channel and training system for career development, a career guide mechanism, and an international talent evaluation system; Through flexible output of innovation teams and other ways, strengthen the joint efforts of enterprises, universities and research institutes to build a scientific and technological innovation platform.
Focusing on the cultivation of top-notch talents in our province's basic disciplines, Hu Fengping, member of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and dean of the Graduate School of East China Jiaotong University, suggested that we should adhere to the diversification of talent selection system, the characterization of talent training system, and the optimization of the ecological environment for talent training. We should pool advantageous resources in courses, teachers, scientific research, and other aspects to achieve the growth oriented cultivation of top-notch innovative talents.