Deng Weidong, President of Suzhou Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, delivered a speech at the completion and production ceremony of the new factory of Shuangling Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd


Mr. Deng Weidong, President of Suzhou Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, delivered a congratulatory speech
Respected Director Shen, Respected Director Wen, Respected President Tan, Respected Leaders, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:
Good morning, everyone!
In the golden autumn, the fruits are fragrant. Today, the completion and commissioning ceremony of the new plant of Shuangling Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. was held here. On behalf of Suzhou Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, I would like to take this opportunity to extend warm congratulations to Shuangling on its successful production! Warm greetings to all colleagues of the company! I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to the government leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life who have always cared about and supported the development of Jiangxi merchants!
Shuangling Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, mainly producing and manufacturing magnetic devices and electronic products. With their professional technical team, high-quality products and services, they have won unanimous praise from customers. After several years of operation and development, Shuangling has 2000 employees, accumulated assets of nearly 50 million yuan and annual sales revenue of more than 70 million yuan. Shuangling is becoming a rising star in the industry.
The rapid development of Shuangling Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. benefited from the advanced strategic vision and clear development ideas of the management with Mr. Wu Shiwei as the core of the General Manager, their never satisfied entrepreneurial passion, their down-to-earth and practical attitude, their scientific and rigorous management and vibrant corporate culture. Wu Shiwei, General Manager, is a pioneer in investing and developing businesses in Jiangsu and Jiangxi provinces, and has carried forward the spirit of pioneering, innovative, honest and trustworthy Jiangxi businessmen.
As the "home of Gan people", Suzhou Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce has been committed to building a cooperation platform since its establishment, focusing on the development of hometown, and investing in entrepreneurship back home. To this end, the Chamber of Commerce has organized entrepreneurs to return to Jiangxi for business visits for many times. Through field visits, we witnessed the great changes in our hometown and felt the vitality of Jiangxi's vigorous development. The preferential policies, convenient transportation and rich resources of Fuzhou have won the unanimous recognition of entrepreneurs. In the process of investigation, we deeply experienced the ideology and style of Fuzhou city leaders in adhering to open development, seeking truth and being pragmatic, and felt the profound atmosphere of "pro business, secure business, and help business" from top to bottom in Fuzhou. All these have strengthened our confidence in returning to the hometown for investment. We believe that Jiangxi will be a good place for investors and Fuzhou will be a good place for us to develop our business. At present, many members of the Chamber of Commerce have returned to their hometown for investment, and some electronic, photovoltaic, furniture production and other projects have been settled in Jiangxi, thus opening the prelude to large-scale business in Jiangsu and Jiangxi.
In the future, Suzhou Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce will continue to make efforts to take more effective measures to guide and support more members to return to their hometown. At the same time, we also hope that the leaders of our hometown can give more care and support to entrepreneurs who invest in their hometown.
Finally, I wish Shuangling Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. a great success in its opening, a great number of customers, a prosperous business and a wide range of financial resources! I wish all leaders, guests and friends a smooth work, good health and a happy family!
Thank you!