When the return to work and production of overseas Chinese funded enterprises in Jiangxi Province is underway


On March 9, according to the news on the website of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi recently issued the Implementation Opinions on Seizing Time, Ensuring Progress, Filling the Gaps in Strong and Weak Items, and Striving to Achieve the Year's Economic and Social Development Goals, to provide guidance and follow for winning the people's war, the overall war, and the war of resistance, and ensuring the "win-win" of epidemic prevention and control, and the resumption of work and production. The provincial overseas Chinese federation conscientiously implements the requirements of the central government, provincial party committee and provincial government, actively guides and supports overseas Chinese funded enterprises to focus on epidemic prevention and control, and return to work and production at the same time, so as to ensure the orderly and stable operation of enterprises.
Zhang Zhiming, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and chairman of the Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation, went to Jiangxi Lvheng Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and other overseas Chinese funded enterprises to carry out research, carefully inquired about the problems encountered in the resumption of production and the relevant epidemic prevention measures, and delivered epidemic prevention articles to the enterprises. Nanchang Gusen Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech overseas Chinese funded enterprise established in Ganjiang New Area by the Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation. When it learned that the enterprise had problems in the application for resumption of production, the Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation immediately coordinated with the Honggutan Management Committee where the Enterprise Research and Development Department is located, and properly handled the relevant problems to help the enterprise resume production in an orderly manner.
At present, many overseas Chinese funded enterprises in the province have officially returned to work and production, and are playing a light and heat role in the epidemic prevention and control battle.
Wu Shiwei, vice chairman of the provincial overseas Chinese federation and chairman of Fuzhou Shuangling Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd., said, "As long as the epidemic prevention and control measures focus on the small and the fine, we can guarantee the orderly and effective resumption of production."
In the process of resuming production, Fuzhou Shuangling Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. insisted on the efforts of epidemic prevention and control, formulated the epidemic prevention and control work plan and related management system strictly according to the requirements, established the company's epidemic prevention and control leading organization, formulated the epidemic prevention and control shift schedule led by the company's leaders, and supervised and inspected the implementation of epidemic prevention and control every day. Conduct epidemic prevention, control and screening for employees returning to work, establish employee health files, require Hubei employees not to return to work temporarily, set up isolation sites, and isolate employees returning to work outside the city and the province. A disposable mask is provided to employees free of charge every day, and the body temperature is measured twice a day. Employees are required to keep the distance above 0.5m, and the workshop window is half open to maintain ventilation. The production workshop, office area and staff dormitory shall be disinfected in an all-round way at regular intervals every day, and the off peak dining system shall be implemented. Actively mobilize the old employees to return to the factory and resume work in a timely manner. If the old employees are introduced to the factory for work, a certain reward will be given to encourage the old to lead the new, so as to improve the resumption rate.